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August 1, 2023

Training successfully completed

Kathrin Westrup

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A remarkable journey

Support for naturalization

Great joy: Our apprentice Peroer Alasid successfully completed his training as a metal technology specialist on 01.07.2023. But this success story is not only a milestone for our company, but also for Peroer Alasid personally, who has had a remarkable journey.

In 2019, Peroer Alasid started his professional career with us. Shortly before, he had fled Syria, leaving behind his entire family except for his siblings, to start a new life in Germany. His first job with us was as an assistant on the blasting line. We quickly recognized his potential: not only did he show excellent comprehension skills, but he was also extremely motivated and reliable.

Due to his outstanding performance and commitment, it was soon clear that Peroer Alasid should complete an apprenticeship with us. Over the past two years, he has intensively studied the challenges of metal technology and has now successfully mastered them.

But Peroer Alasid has an even bigger goal. The young man has the desire to apply for naturalization. We fully support him in this, because as an international company we attach great importance to training skilled workers from abroad well and continuing to promote and support them after they have completed their training.

“We are incredibly proud of Peroer Alasid and his achievements during his training. His success is a sign for us that talent can be found all over the world and that we as a company have a responsibility to promote and support this potential,” says training coordinator Hendrik Heßling.

Peroer Alasid is an inspiring example of how a person can overcome obstacles and achieve his dreams with determination and hard work. We sincerely congratulate him on his successful graduation and look forward to continuing to accompany and support him as an integral part of our company.

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