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December 14, 2022

Give people hope

Kathrin Westrup

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50 people access to water.

Westeria gives hope.

We look back with gratitude on a successful 2022.

In the last twelve months, we have worked on a large number of projects, developed new ideas and implemented them together with employees, customers and business partners. We have once again come a great deal closer to our goal of making the circular economy a valuable and profitable reality all over the world.

For several years now, we have always donated to a charitable organization at the end of the year. It is part of our fundamental self-image as a responsible company. In addition, we believe that this is the most beautiful and environmentally friendly gift for our business partners.

This year we decided to give our support to the Neven Subotic Foundation. This foundation enables people in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya to have access to clean water and live a dignified and self-determined life by building wells and sanitary facilities.

Quality of life not dignified

Childhood falls by the wayside

Women and girls in these regions have to walk up to 6 km to get water - sometimes up to three times a day. A jerry can weighs almost 20 kg. A heavy burden on the sometimes young and fragile shoulders.
This is not conventional drinking water. The water comes from the riverbed where animals drink, bathe and defecate. No matter how poor the quality of the water is as a result and brings additional diseases, this is the only way the supply of a village with about 300 people can exist and survive.
A struggle for survival that only works as a team. There is little time for education and further development, fun and childhood. Participation in school is almost impossible, especially the girls in the areas are strongly affected by this.

Our wish is that access to clean water, sanitation and the aspect of hygiene that goes hand in hand with these two points will become a matter of course for everyone, paving the way for a healthy, self-determined and happy life in the future.


With our donation we pave a part of the construction of a well and enable 50 people to have access to water. We are very happy that we could give hope.

You also want to give hope?

Then you can donate here.