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November 24, 2022

15 years of Westeria – always looking to the future

Kathrin Westrup

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Helmut Ortlepp retires.

15 years Westeria

If you add 125,987 screws with 28,548 design hours and divide this by 572 machines designed, in Helmut Ortlepp´s calculation you get 15 years of Westeria.

This is roughly how Helmut Ortlepp’s time at Westeria could be summed up.  

When he started as a design engineer in 2007, he never thought he would stay this long. “It was important to me to constantly develop and learn about new technologies. You can only do that if you have an eye for the wide open and are open to new things.” A quality that has taken him far at Westeria. Together with Managing Director Bernhard Westbrock, Helmut has launched far more than ten new developments. From windsifters to the DiscSpreader to special solutions, Helmut has an oar in everyone’s boat.  Always with him – the view into the future.  

Especially with new developments, it was important to him to design products in such a way that Westeria would live up to its position as a pioneer and innovation leader.

“With Mr. Ortlepp, a great development spirit is retiring. His characteristic of acting with foresight and also his interest in mechanics that work by themselves helped bring us to where we are today. You can see very well from him that the know-how lies in the heads of the employees and this must be demanded and promoted.” says Bernhard Westbrock

15 years have now passed and retirement is just around the corner.

Helmut looks back on his time at Westeria with pleasure.

Work has to be fun and bring variety, you can’t do without it. Westeria has shown that. The tasks are varied and innovative, so it doesn’t get boring. The team spirit is also very strong here and if things don’t go according to plan, then everyone pitches in and pull the chestnuts out of the fire.“ 

Now it’s time for “leisure time“. But Helmut knows how to make good use of it: “We have bought a little house and there is still some technology missing. Finally, I have time for new things, like learning programming or just being a househusband. I’m looking forward to that time.”  


Farewell meeting

Last day

Managing Directors Bernhard Westbrock and Felix Poth as well as Ulrich Tarrach, Head of Technical Office, bid farewell to Helmut with a small speech and get-together. Colleagues from various departments came and wished all the best for the future.

Thank you for 15 years of loyalty, faithfulness and support. 
We wish Helmut all the best for his retirement!