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Air guided tube belt conveyor

The PipeCon is an air-guided conveying system for any type of bulk material with precisely defined particle sizes, such as in the wood and cement industries.

  • Advantages
    • High conveying capacity with up to 500 t/h
    • Optional maintenance walkway possible as access to all relevant areas
    • Reliable sealing system which prevents gravel leakage

PipeCon® PipeCon® PipeCon®

Extremely high conveying capacity

Conveying materials with exact grain sizes

The PipeCon is a conveyor system designed for transporting bulk materials of all kinds over long distances. Extremely high conveying capacities (up to 500 t/h) are possible in the perfectly sealed pipe conveyor. The supports can be up to 60 m apart, with a total length of more than 300 m.

The belt floats on an air buffer generated by integrated fans. The 2.2 kW fans are located every 50 m at the top of the pipe conveyor. This drastically improves efficiency and minimises wear parts and maintenance of the machine. A maintenance walkway can be mounted directly on the belt, eliminating the need for an additional steel structure. The one-sided access is completely sufficient for full maintenance.

The tensioning station can be flexibly positioned on the floor so that the conveyor can be easily integrated into any plant design. In addition, a double scraper system is installed, which prevents uncontrolled falling of dust or trickling material. The PipeCon consists of 12 m long segments that can be quickly assembled. Due to our transport system, three of these segments can be safely transported and quickly unloaded in a 40′ containerert.

Optimally suited for outdoor use due to extremely good sealing.

Special design and construction

Efficient and low maintenance

Return rollers

Additional crossbars protect the return rollers from falling down in case of damage. You can exchange the rollers easily from the single-sided walkway. Optional belt roller station for safe belt travel (max. centre distance = 300 m).

Walkway can be integrated

With the optionally attached maintenance walkway, access to all relevant areas is possible. An additional expensive bridge construction is not required. The walkway can also be retrofitted. All maintenance work, such as replacing the return rollers, can be carried out from the single-sided walkway.

Simple maintenance

Removable side covers make maintenance access convenient and easy. Aerodynamically optimized air pressure system provides stable, non-contact belt tracking in all load conditions. Low maintenance of the conveyor system because only a few moving components are built in the entire system.

Most innovative conveyor

Powerful tubular belt conveyor with extremely high conveying capacity and minimised wear and maintenance


Thanks to the extremely reliable sealing system, no gravel can escape, making the conveyor belt optimal for outdoor installations.

Highest efficiency

Low energy consumption, space-saving components and variable positioning of weight tension station and supports.

Walkway can be integrated

With the optionally attached maintenance walkway, access to all relevant areas is possible. An additional expensive bridge construction is not required. The walkway can also be retrofitted.

Simple assembly

Minimal wear on the belt and rollers and easy access thanks to the removable side covers.

Feeding plant for the cement industry

Our engineers have developed a feeding concept for the cement industry that can be flexibly combined with Westeria’s standard solutions.

A complete system consisting of hopper (MovingFloor), chain belt conveyor (ChainCon) and PipeCon ensures a stable and uniform feeding of numerous input materials such as RDF, shredded tires or shredded waste. Optionally, a screen can also be easily integrated.

Further applications in the wood industry and recycling plants are possible.

All this makes it our most popular conveyor

in the cement industry.

Technical details

As a market leader, Westeria is in demand worldwide and delivers products reliably, solidly and economically. With us, you get your product individually tailored to your specific requirements - today and in the future.
  • Frame construction

    • Gurtbreite 1000 mm
    • Diameter tube 660 mm
    • Frame sections 11800 mm
    • Bevel angle up to 20
  • Conveyor

    • Conveyor belt according to DIN 22102
    • Oil and grease-resistant / MOR
    • Type Antistatic
    • Belt width 1000 mm
  • Diameter drum

    • Drive station 400 mm
    • Clamping station 320 mm
  • Supports

    • Positionable with up to 60 m distance
    • Various column designs available as standard
  • One sided gangway

    • Retrofittable as well
  • Weight tension station

    • Flexible positioning on the floor
  • Fan performance

    • 2.2 kW per 50 m conveyor distance
  • Access to maintenance

    • Removable cover plates

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