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The space saving solution for material feeding.

The MultiFeeder is a storage hopper system specially designed for fully automatic, linear distribution of input materials.

  • Advantages
    • Space-saving and easy to integrate into existing plants
    • Different floor designs: belt conveyor, apron conveyor or walking floor
    • Shipping in standard sea containers thanks to modular design

MultiFeeder MultiFeeder MultiFeeder

Material dosing

Storage hopper system with linear distribution.

MultiFeeder is a storage hopper system specially designed for fully automatic, linear distribution of input materials.

It is space-saving and can be easily integrated into existing plants. It is the ideal starting point for material processing. For irregular material feeds, the MultiFeeder temporarily stores the material in the hopper and doses it evenly onto the next conveyor for maximum efficiency. Thanks to its easy-to-assemble modular design, it can be shipped in standard sea containers.

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Feeding hopper system

Flexibility in every detail


Easy expansion of the machine, which gives the system a high value retention.

Quick assembly

The MultiFeeder is designed according to the modular principle and can be assembled easily and quickly.

Dimensions flexibility

Our MultiFeeder is characterized by its flexibility of dimensions, which offers a great possibility variety towards the customer.

Available in several different versions.

The MultiFeeder is available with four different bottom designs, depending on the metered material.


Apron feeder for dosing scrap and hot materials (max. 180°C).


Chain conveyor, ideal for dry bulk materials such as paper or cardboard.


Conveyor with moving floor conveys high loads and high bulk weights.


Conveyors for very light materials (foils and PET bottles), sticky and caking materials (soil, clay, organic waste and compost) and fine-grained and dusty materials (construction waste, gravel and sand).

Various fields of application

Thanks to the sophisticated modular principle, we can easily implement your specific requirements.


Equalising drum

A equalising drum can be added to ensure an extremely uniform material feed even with a full hopper load. The sealing system prevents material jams between the housing wall and the drum.

Size classification

Light: up to 0.3 t/m³
Medium: up to 0.6 t/m³
Heavy: up to 1.2 t/m³

Overview of all possible equalising drums
Equalising drum for building rubble
Equalising drum for old tires and compacted material as well as wood waste and metals

Technical details

As a market leader, Westeria is in demand worldwide and delivers products reliably, solidly and economically. With us, you get your product individually tailored to your specific requirements - today and in the future.
  • Hopper inside width

    • 1566 mm
    • 1866 mm
    • 2266 mm
  • Hopper length

    • 4455 mm
    • 5940 mm
    • 7425 mm
  • Support height

    • 600 mm
    • 800 mm
    • 1000 mm
    • 1200 mm
  • Belt width

    • 1300 mm
    • 1600 mm
    • 2000 mm

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