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Material dosing with full flexibility

The MovingFloor is a hopper system that allows you to dose any type of material and guarantee a smooth and continuous flow.

  • Advantages
    • Modular construction
    • Minimal wear
    • Fast delivery

MovingFloor® MovingFloor® MovingFloor®

Material dosing

Bunker system with flexibility

Fully automatic material feed. Flexible configuration and quick delivery thanks to the modular system.

The feed hopper, which is technically sophisticated down to the last detail, offers maximum flexibility despite the use of standard components. The system is designed in such a way that the MovingFloor can be enlarged at any time and is capable of bunkering a wide variety of materials and feeding them evenly. Substitute fuels, compost, mixed construction waste and much more can be processed without any problems. The components can be delivered within 6 weeks and shipped in standard sea containers.


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Feeding hopper system

Flexibility down to the smallest detail



The size of the machine can be increased or decreased at any time, ensuring long-term value creation.

Quick assembly

The MovingFloor is simple and quick to assemble, as it is designed according to the modular principle.

Simple maintenance

Minimal wear costs due to the elimination of bearings, shafts, chains or conveyors.

Westeria MovingFloor hopper system for
reliable and continuous flow of
of a wide variety of materials.

The MovingFloor is a hopper system that will help you dose any material flow. Materials can be loaded in a wide variety of ways. The integrated metering drum provides an even and continuous supply of material. A wide variety of materials can be handled, including refuse derived fuels, compost, mixed construction waste and more.

Hydraulic pistons

The MovingFloor can be configured with five different hydraulic cylinder pistons with different diameters to suit any application.


up to 0.3 t/m³


up to 0.6 t/m³


up to 1.2 t/m³


To ensure a constant material supply even when the hopper is fully loaded, a compensating roller can be installed.
Its sealing system prevents material jams between the housing wall and the drum. The height of the rollers can be easily adjusted.
The technology can be integrated into existing concrete bunkers and ensures maximum efficiency of the connected sorting plants or incinerators.

for shredded tires or biomass
for waste and compost
for construction waste

Technical details

As a market leader, Westeria is in demand worldwide and delivers products reliably, solidly and economically. With us, you get your product individually tailored to your specific requirements - today and in the future.
  • Volume

    • 50 cbm
    • 110 cbm
    • 150 cbm
    • 190 cbm
    • 220 cbm
    • 255 cbm
    • 285 cbm
    • 315 cbm
  • Bunker inner length

    • 5540 mm
    • 11480 mm
    • 17420 mm
    • 20390 mm
    • 23360 mm
    • 26330 mm
    • 29300 mm
  • Hydraulic pistons

    • Configurable with five different hydraulic cylinder pistons with different diameters
  • Modular principle

    • Standard system from 20 m³ to 480 m³

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