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Durable, powerful and easy to maintain

The best chain belt conveyor you can find. With the complete redevelopment of our classic, we have not only integrated numerous technical advantages. As part of the WeKea system, there are a number of additional advantages for you.

  • Advantages
    • Extremely robust and durable
    • Maintenance made easy
    • Quickly available and economical

ChainCon ChainCon ChainCon

Chain conveyor

The best chain belt conveyor you can find

Westeria takes the chain belt conveyor to a new level.  We have completely redesigned our classic to create the best chain-belt Z-conveyor you can find. 

Feedback from our customers has resulted in a variety of ingenious technical innovations that make the conveyor a profitable, long-lasting machine. Reliability and the simplest maintenance are the key to smooth operation.

Of course, our chain belt conveyor can be flexibly configured. Up to a length of 35 m and belt widths between 1200 – 2400 mm, the ChainCon can be set up on the floor or in a pit.

Westeria ChainCon

The best chain belt conveyor on the market.

Robust like no other

In ideal conditions, many chain belt conveyors run relatively smoothly. But the conveyors have to withstand harsh conditions in real-life use, as no system operators can guarantee 100 % proper use. The ChainCon is prepared for all eventualities. This makes it the best chain belt conveyor on the market.

Robust construction

4 mm thick side plates as well as the pit covers are directly connected to the supports. No forces are transmitted to the frame, avoiding deformation of the chain guide. Original Westeria forged parts ensure stiff and precise connections of the supports.

Intelligent impact concept

Damage is prevented even in the event of massive overstressing of the chain-belt system. Massive hold-downs prevent the chain from rising. A continuous centre crossbar absorbs strong impacts so that the belt crossbars do not deform. The centre crossbar is also directly connected to the supports.

Solid chain-belt system

Specially shaped belt crossbars ensure maximum stability with perfect access at the same time. Each of the two chains has a breaking strength of 140,000 N and would thus easily withstand the weight of a bus. The belt is designed to be oil and grease resistant as standard.

Chain guide for eternity

Integrated plastic belt slide rails prevent damage to the chain and frame, even if the conveyor is no longer completely straight. Noise is also reduced. In the bending elements, the chain is guided by 70 mm thick flame-cut parts that can withstand the most extreme loads. And if, after years of load, something no longer runs smoothly, the entire chain guide can be replaced efficiently.

Sealing system

The galvanised side plates go all the way down to the belt where, together with an additional circumferential T-bar on the side of the belt, it forms a very effective labyrinth seal. A gap between the belt and the chain provides additional protection against leaking material.

Simplest maintenance thanks to automatic chain lubrication

Very large oil tank of 30 l enables significantly longer durability of the chains without additional labour. Poorly oiled chains are one of the main reasons for premature wear. The active pump regularly lubricates the optimal, adjustable amount of oil at the optimal position. A level warning via control signal or an acustic warning is also integrated.
2 Federn sitzen an optimaler Schmierposition einer Kette (an den seitlichen Lagern)
All applications considered


No matter in which field of application: the ChainCon is tried and tested in numerous fields. No matter whether only a certain height is to be reached in a plant or dosing has to be carried out by means of in the 60° inclined tumble back version. The installation in a pit is no problem, just like the feed of material from a previous machine. No matter whether heavy, fine-grained alternative fuel, paper with variable grain sizes or tough scrap. With the ChainCon you are always on the safe side.
Alternative Fuels

Technical details

As a market leader, Westeria is in demand worldwide and delivers products reliably, solidly and economically. With us, you get your product individually tailored to your specific requirements - today and in the future.
  • Versions

    • 2 bends (Z-conveyor)
    • 1 bend
    • No bend
  • Belt widths

    • 1200 mm
    • 1600 mm
    • 2000 mm
    • 2400 mm
  • Selectable incline after input

    • 30°
    • 35°
    • 40°
    • 60° (Tumble Back)
  • Selectable decline before output

    • -5°
    • -10°
    • -15°
    • -20°
  • Centre distance

    • Up to 35m in standard

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