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AirLift® move

Free from all impurities - more flexible than ever before

The mobile version of our widespread over belt windsifter frees your material from impurities as uncomplicated as never before.

  • Advantages
    • High purity of over 99 %
    • Max. Flow rate 100 m³/h
    • Precise adjustment of ballistic trajectory, air speed and visibility
    • DiscSpreader and prefeeding belt integrated as standard

AirLift move AirLift move AirLift move


AirLift® move
Flexible separation

Now also mobile! Our proven technology of the AirLift windsifter is now more flexible than ever. The AirLift move brings effective separation to any location.

The ultra-light separator is already widely used as a stand-alone version for the removal of impurities. Materials with similar specific densities are easily separated by the unit. For compost processors, the AirLift move therefore enables the effective and efficient removal of films from the valuable organic material.

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Put it where you want it

Ideal separation at any place


An additional infeed belt in front of the DiscSpreader ensures ideal feeding of the disc spreader. This spreads the material evenly over the entire belt width. Thanks to this design, irregular material feeds are no problem.


The high speed bending conveyor belt conveys the material at a speed of up to 4 m/s. Due to the high speed and the bending, the material is slightly lifted. The air flow in the chamber can thus extract the impurities most efficiently.


The main component of this system is the well-known AirLift air classifier. The same, reliable technology as in the stand-alone variant ensures efficient and optimal separation of ultra-light impurities from material streams.

New market situation requires
suitable technology

Perfect separation in any place

The mobile air classifier can be flexibly positioned and used in a variety of ways. For example, you can avoid time-consuming material transport to the stationary system.

The hook lift carriage ensures mobility. This can be extended with a coupling and wheel chassis.

The separate infeed conveyor is located before the DiscSpreader. This stills the material and provides all the prerequisites for subsequent optimum distribution over the entire belt width. Uneven material feed, such as when filling by wheel loader, is therefore possible without any problems.

To achieve a high level of operational reliability, automatic gate controls prevent material blockages on the infeed and discharge side during operation. This automatic gate regulation also ensures exact adjustment of the throughput height to the individual separation target thanks to its infinitely variable adjustability.

The AirLift uses the diametrical downflow principle to separate the different fractions even more accurately. At the same time, the operating parameters can be precisely adjusted via the integrated target pressure control.

Separation of almost equal
weight materials

AirLift with AirWheel

Our various designs and configurations allow adaptation to a wide range of plant configurations.

Technical details

As a market leader, Westeria is in demand worldwide and delivers products reliably, solidly and economically. With us, you get your product individually tailored to your specific requirements - today and in the future.
  • Dimensions

    • L: 6030 mm
    • B: 2290 mm
    • H: 2265mm
    • Length specifications may vary depending on configuration.
  • Energy consumption

    • Fan: 22 kW
    • Feeding belt: 3 kW
    • Halden band: 4 kW
    • DiscSpreader: 4,4 kW
    • Hydraulics: 1.5 kW (not in continuous operation)
  • Transport options

    • Hook lift carriage
    • Wheel drive + clutch
    • Forklift
    • Weight: 5700 kg

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