Westeria® AirLift

Operators of composting plants know the problem all too well: Organic household waste is often contaminated with foil and packaging waste. With the AirLift, Westeria®’s technicians and engineers have developed a unit that can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. The AirLift system comprises three segments: The high speed transport belt, which feeds in the material at a speed of up to 4 metres per second. This is in turn connected to the AirWheel. We were able to rigorously build upon our years of experience in the wind sifter field in order to achieve clean separation of materials of virtually the same weight. And in conjunction with the AirWheel, the AirLift also perfectly demonstrates its abilities when processing PET bottles. Light plastics and label paper are perfectly separated. Wherever materials with a very similar, specific density need to be separated precisely, the AirLift is your ideal choice! Interested? Then speak to us!