Westeria® Windsifter AirBasic®


The mobile windsifter AirBasic® is the compact and economic solution made by Westeria®. The AirBasic® windsifter shows all its skills and advantages when you have to separate various types of waste such as construction waste, compost, household waste, slags or scrap material. In order to offer you a wide range of flexibility concerning the AirBasic®, we have provided it with numerous options. By adapting modular components, we have been able to reduce delivery time and production costs of the AirBasic® significantly. Depending upon your requirements you now can assemble your individual windsifter, as the AirBasic® is the logical result of a consequent and continuous development. Of course, the patented Westeria® windsifter technology is part of the attractive Westeria® product design.

Tracked Windshifter Airbasic

Solid and compact

With the AirBasic®, the worldwide proven Westeria air separation technology fits into just one 40 foot high cube container. Due to the robust construction made of solid steel, even the hardest applications such as construction waste are no problem to handle.

Various innovations combined in one machine

Additional options

No other product embodies Westeria‘s “Moving Innovation” motto better than our mobile wind sifter AirBasic®. The compact design not only contains the patented and proven Westeria windsifter technology, but can also be expanded with various Westeria® innovations. So we can offer you the greatest possible flexibility. The AirBasic® can thus replace a small recycling plant. The fully equipped version is able to separate different materials into three fractions and thanks to the integrated DiscSpreader® ensures its optimal distribution. Despite the extensive equipment, the complete machine fits into a single high cube sea container.


  • Only compact mobile three-fraction-air separator in the market with optional AirLift® vacuum separator
  • Achieves pure separation even of materials with almost the same weight
  • Particularly suitable for removing films or packaging from compost. Also for processing of PET bottles to separate light plastics and label papers.


  • Only mobile air separator in the market with integrated material distribution module DiscSpreader®
  • Even with non-linear material input a perfect distribution of the material is guaranteed.
  • Constantly ideal conditions for the subsequent separation process

Hydraulic level control

  • Enables you to easily lift and lower the machine without special lifting equipment
  • Optimal working height can be reached quickly and flexibly
  • Maximum height can be raised hydraulically by max. 800 mm

Westeria Conveyors

  • Integrated conveyor technology with proven quality
  • Depending on requirements, the following conveyors can be installed:
    • Light discharge conveyor
    • Lateral conveyor (heavy discharge)
    • Pile conveyor (hydraulically retractable)

Absolute mobility

  • Stand-alone version with integrated generator possible
  • Carriage for easy transport with roll off trailers
  • Version with crawler chassis can be moved by remote control

All options are retrofittable