One of the main tasks in the post-War years included the ongoing reconstruction efforts as well as the production and manufacturing of food. Based on the high demand, many local blacksmiths repaired and built agricultural machinery and equipment. Our company also began by specializing in the building of agricultural conveying equipment intended to ease the burdens of manual labour. The further progression of Westeria ® Fördertechnik GmbH can be seen in the following timeline.

1956 How "everything" got started

Founding of the company Westeria® Maschinenfabrik by Hermann Westbrock in Westbevern. The main products were conveyor systems for agriculture.

1958 First innovation: Folding conveyor belt

The invention of an adjustable articulated angle for folding conveyor belts was registered for patenting. This conveyor system was manufactured and sold on the market for decades.

1960 Expanded product range

Industrial applications for warehousing technology were also developed and manufactured to round off the product range.

1966 Westeria® throughout Germany

In 1966 a national sales network was already built up throughout Germany for the above-mentioned folding conveyor belts.

1984 Reinforcement

The son of Hermann Westbrock, Bernhard Westbrock began working at the company

1986 Start of Westeria® Fördertechnik GmbH

Renaming of Westeria® Maschinenfabrik into Westeria® Fördertechnik GmbH. Managing Directors are Werner Knapheide and Bernhard Westbrock

1986 Construction of conveyor technology

With the start of Westeria® Fördertechnik GmbH, the focus was placed on the construction of conveyor systems for the recycling industry

1988 Relocation and construction of the first windsifters

The production site in Westbevern became too small and was relocated into the newly erected production facility in Ostbevern. The construction of a new product group which is very important to Westeria® started. The first Westeria® windsifter left the assembly shop. To this day, approx. 400 windsifters have been produced and successfully deployed on a worldwide scale.

1990 Expansion of the scope of products with live bottoms and bunker systems

The expansion of another product group started in 1990. Live bottoms and bunker systems left the Westfälische production facility at the start of the 1990s for the first time.

1992 New systems

Launch of the first CAD system in the technical office

2003 More reinforcement

The son of Werner Knapheide, Kai-Uwe Knapheide, began working at the company as Managing Director

2008 Westeria® surpasses itself

The production area in the new Ostbevern site was expanded by an additional 2,400m² to maximise the production of windsifters, bunker systems, conveyor belts and material distribution systems.

2008 Trade-fair participation

Since 2008, Westeria® has been a permanent guest at IFAT/Entsorga in Munich, Pollutec in Paris/Lyon, Ecomondo, Kassler Abfalltagen, ….

2009 Painting line

The new semi-automatic painting line was put into operation

2010 More growth

The production area was expanded by another 500m²

2011 Planning facilities

Erection of a planning department with a total of 3 employees

2012 Simply ingenious – the new material distribution system

Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious – the patented Disc-Spreader system to distribute the flow of material across a uniform width.

2013 Windsifter with three metre operating width

25 years of constructive development history packed into a new, appealing product design have put this "windsifter compact system" with an operating width of up to three metres at the top of the class in the market.

2013 Class reunion

The Westeria® Dealer Workshop was held at the company premises in Ostbevern for the first time. All international dealers from 14 countries came to get informed on site about the new product systems and product technology in the area of conveyor and windsifter technology.

2014 The inventiveness grows…

…and results in another patent. In 2014, a patent was granted for the light density separators Type LT15 and Type LT25. The light density separator, for example, is installed in the Windsifter WS2 to clean the exhaust air.

2014 New warehousing capacity

The warehouse for finished parts was significantly increased with approx. 2,000 m² by leasing a complete storage hall.

2015 new technicum pilot plant on 720 m2 hall space

The Westeria® Technicum is open! Our customers can appraise and analyse the separation results of their individual materials in advance and then discuss them with us in a personal talk to gain confidence in our unique technologies.

2016 Westeria® Fördertechnik GmbH’s 30 year anniversary

Due to renaming in 1986, in 2016 Westeria® Fördertechnik GmbH was able to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Together with all employees, this event was fittingly celebrated with a one-day boat tour.

2016 Westeria® MultiFeeder – The bunker innovation

Westeria®’s range has now been expanded by a new product. The bunker innovation MultiFeeder covers storage capacities from 10 to 47m³ and has therefore been designed for smaller capacities and individual requirements.