Every type of feed material is different and has its own, specific characteristics. We have always kept that in mind while developing our systems. To help you appraise the separation results of your individual material in advance, we developed the new Westeria® Technicum pilot plant. In a hall space covering 720 m² we have set up a great number of units in the pilot plant spread across 2 levels for you for demonstration purposes.

The screening material is fed into the feed dosing hopper with a wheel loader. It continues through corresponding distribution systems and the unique DiscSpreader® up to the latest AirStar® windsifter. The input material is gritted by the DiscSpreader®2 from 500 mm to 3000 mm for separation in the windsifter into 3 fractions. The release agents are removed from the system or put back into the feed hopper through the FlatCon conveyor. You, the customer, have the option of being able to trace and monitor the entire process directly on the unit.

Afterwards, in specially equipped conference rooms, all the values and test results with the detailed measurement data can be analysed and discussed. At Westeria®, we have great confidence in our unique technologies and with the new Technicum pilot plant would like to show you all the function modes to help ease your investment decision.

Please get in touch with us. We would be glad to schedule an appointment with you.