Westeria® airsupported PipeCon®

The PipeCon® is a logical extension to, and expansion of, Westeria® Fördertechnik’s product range. The PipeCon® is a conveyor unit for all types of bulk goods, with clearly defined grain sizes and a high conveying capacity of up to 500 t/h. The PipeCon®’s conveyor belt in the upper run is pneumatically powered. Air nozzles positioned beneath the conveyor belt every 50 metres provide 2.2 kW blasts, therefore powering the belt. As a result, the entire system is extremely efficient and low maintenance, because hardly any wear occurs. Thanks to its design and special construction, large distances can be economically bridged thanks to a support spacing distance of up to 60 metres. The Westeria® PipeCon® is ideal for the widest variety of applications, because the extremely high degree of sealing means that no separating agents can escape. The PipeCon® has proved itself in the wood processing and cement industries. What material will you be feeding into your system? Contact us and we’ll show you what the PipeCon® is capable of.