Unique after sales service for unique systems

We are onsite with our committed and competent service team in the interest of securing our customers' long term competitive edge. At Westeria® Fördertechnik, you can count on first-class service. For us, constructing the system is just the beginning.

We take care of assembly and commissioning on a worldwide scale. We train our customers' employees. From competent instruction in the process-engineering procedures and proper maintenance to safe system operation. We are even there for our customers when elaborating safety standards. Maintenance work, performing inspections and repairs and spare-part delivery service are a matter of course for us.

When we provide service, we only use original parts. That is the only way to satisfy both our and our customers' quality demand. Whether you are in Sweden, India or in the US, our competent after-sales service is available around the world and at any time.

That is Westeria®'s way of providing comprehensive support and of guaranteeing that every system exactly meets the requirements placed on it.

Do you have malfunctions or urgent problems?

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