Westeria® Windsifter AirBasic®

Airbasic The mobile windsifter AirBasic® is the compact and economic solution made by Westeria®. The AirBasic® windsifter
 shows all its skills and advantages when you have to separate various types of waste such as construction waste, compost, household waste, slags or scrap material. In order to offer you a wide range of flexibility concerning the AirBasic®, we have provided it with numerous options. By adapting modular components, we have been able to reduce delivery time and production costs of the AirBasic® significantly. Depending upon your requirements you now can assemble your individual windsifter, as the AirBasic® is the logical result of a consequent and continuous development. Of course, the patented Westeria® 
windsifter technology is part of the attractive Westeria® product design.